Ensight’s Approach

At Ensight, we leverage our approach to help clients and teammates achieve maximum value throughout the project.

  • Principal involvement/accessibility – Principal Mark Lilie is personally involved in every project from the outset; he is easily accessible by phone or email and for site visits.
  • Program review – when we understand all spatial requirements we can facilitate discussion about potential structural systems and design or construction impacts.
  • Schedule/budget – as an early design partner, we can make initial recommendations on structural systems that fall within the project parameters for cost and design
  • Challenge vs. solution – as the design evolves we continue refining the structure with a constant eye on the project vision; challenges at this stage are opportunities for improved and innovative solutions.
  • 3D visualization – we harness the power of BIM to help solve complex problems and facilitate coordination
  • Sound engineering/ appropriate construction types – At this stage we focus on providing a complete structural envelope with all relevant components and systems defined both for coordination with other disciplines and accurate cost estimating.
  • Project-driven solutions – we work with the design team to ensure the structure supports and compliments the architectural vision and fulfills owner requirements.
  • 3D design/detailing/coordination – our philosophy is to leave nothing open to interpretation. Anything can look good on paper and it is usually the small details that make the difference between a drawing and a design that can be built.
  • QA/QC – Our in-house review process gives us confidence that both our design and documentation is accurate and complete.
  • Your partner in construction – Clear expectations, timely responses and open communication are hallmarks of our process.
  • Field-initiated alternatives and fabricator collaboration– we value the input of all project teammates and welcome ideas and suggestions that only experience can provide.

Building Forensics

Ensight understands the many drivers behind capital investment and ownership. Building owners and developers come to us for discreet attention when an existing building or investment property is showing signs of age or deterioration. Our Forensic Services include:


  • Condition assessments
  • Prioritization of needs


  • As-builts, CDs, BIM
  • Specifications
  • Repair Details


  • Construction administration/work review
  • Field-initiated alternatives as necessary
  • Night/weekend scheduling