High School for Performing and Visual Arts

Houston, Texas

Owner: Houston Independent School District
Architect: Gensler/HarrisonKornberg
General Contractor: Cadence McShane
Completion: Currently under Design

Project being performed as a Cardno Haynes Whaley/Ensight joint venture.

Images provided courtesy of Gensler & HarrisonKornberg.

The 5-story, 168,000 sq-ft new HSPVA school will be located in downtown Houston, giving students direct access to the city’s robust Theater district.  The school will have state-of-the-art facilities including dance and music studios, art galleries, a 200-seat mini theater, a 200-seat black box theater, a 150-seat music recital hall, and an 800-seat main theater. The roof will also feature a rooftop garden and outdoor art studio. Due to the unique location of this school, 2 levels parking will be located below the school’s building footprint. Another key feature within the main theater is the full-sized orchestra pit which sits partially within the first level of the basement parking.

The entire basement levels, including the first level of the facility will be constructed out of cast-in-place concrete. Above ground, the structure will be steel with moment frames to allow for more open spaces throughout the building. The foundation will be a large mat footing under the majority of the basement with spread footings throughout the rest of the building.