Houston First Corporation George R. Brown Convention Center Improvements & Renovations

Houston, Texas

Owner: Houston First Corporation
Architect: WHR
General Contractor: Vaughn
Completion: Currently under Construction

Project being performed as Ensight Haynes Whaley, LLC

The Houston First Corporation initiated a series of projects to help improve the George R. Brown Convention Center and the surrounding area. The projects included renovations to the Hilton Hotel Garage and the George R. Brown Convention Center. The Avenidas de las Americas is being remodeled into a pedestrian-friendly street. Part of the projects also included the new construction of a North office-parking Garage building directly next to the GRB, as well as two sky bridges that would connect the new North Garage and the new Marriott Marquis Hotel (currently under construction) to the Convention Center.

The Hilton Garage renovations consisted of modifying the existing structure to create a bus drive-thru lane through the garage, as well as installing escalators to provide rapid transport to bus riders directly to the George R. Brown Convention Center.

The sky bridges are located at the opposite end of the Convention Center. The west bridge spans about 150 ft from the Marriott Marquis Hotel to the GRB. The north bridge spans about 100 ft from the new North Garage to the GRB. Connections are designed for ease of construction.

The new North Garage is constructed with pre-cast concrete elements. The office building attachment is constructively primarily out of cast-in-place concrete.